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Cloth Duct Tapes:
"Olympia" brand cloth duct tapes are the best quality tapes with rubber base adhesive. Available in Grey Color, with extremely high bonding strength.

Used for general application including light-duty sealing, bundling, marking, and temporary repairs in non-critical applications Its synthetic rubber adhesive sticks on contact to smooth metal, glass, plastic, sealed concrete and more, and the water-resistant polyethylene coating seals well in moist and humid environments.

Paper Cores:

"Olympia" produces paper cores from high strength kraft core board and adhesive to give strong sprial tubes to hold high pressure and weight.

We can produce comprehensive range of paper cores in wide variety of sizes and applications


Surface Protection Tapes:
Widely used for protecting stainless steel sheet, aluminum, Aluminum composite panels, screens etc

Available in Clear, Milky White, Black, Black and White LDPE Film with Acrylic Adhesive system. Residue free clean removal, good temperature resistance.